Monger is a Clojure MongoDB client for a more civilized age: friendly, flexible and with batteries included.

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Feature Rich

Comprehensive support for MongoDB 2.2+ features. Convenient GridFS support, JavaScript resources. New MongoDB features make it into Monger quickly.


When you use Monger, you use Clojure data structures and types and they are automatically translated into MongoDB/BSON data types. Querying can be done via standard MongoDB query language or Monger's own expressive Clojure DSL inspired by Korma.

Safe, Sane Defaults

Official MongoDB drivers have defaults that trade safety for write throughput. Monger's defaults emphasize safety and predictability.

Very Fast

Monger has very low overhead compared to the MongoDB Java driver and demonstrates impressive write throughput even with safe write concern being the default.

Batteries Included

Includes (optional) integration with popular Clojure libraries, Clojure validation library conveniently provided, unit testing support, core.cache implementation on top of MongoDB and more.

PaaS Ready

Monger supports features necessary to deploy applications to PaaS environments such as Heroku, for example, connection and authentication using server URI.